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Coffee | MJ Cafe - Kaneohe, HI

As your number one choice in gourmet coffee, the MJ Café is a proud provider of some of Hawaii's best roasted coffee. We've created a cozy, comfy coffee house atmosphere here in Kaneohe, HI, to let you feel as good as the coffee you're drinking. Make our café your café!

• Gourmet Coffee—Whether you are in need of a caffeine fix or you are simply in the mood for the fine aroma and taste, our gourmet coffee will do the trick. Come in and ask us about our specialty roast and where we love to get our supply of coffee.

• How Do You Like It—Do you like brewed coffee, drip coffee, espresso, frappe? You name it, we got it! Let our barista whip up your favorite drinks, while you take a moment out of your day to treat yourself real good.

• Specialty coffees—Sure, you can drink your coffee straight up, but for those of you who would like some additional flavors, we can happily oblige. Let us know which sweetener or syrup you'd like to add, along with your choice from our milk selection.

• Fair Trade—Just as we support sustainability, all of our coffee is ethically sourced. Don't just support us with your patronage, you are also supporting local farmers do what they love to do—provide you with the best quality coffee!

• Keep Coming Back For More—Hey, are you a regular at the MJ Café? If so, then grab a punch card at the register, so you can play along: when you buy 10 coffees get 1 free coffee.

Stop by during your daily routine and give our gourmet coffee a try at the MJ Café!

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