Açai Bowl

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Açai Bowl

Açai Bowl | MJ Cafe - Kaneohe, HI

If you don't know, Açai is a purple berry found in the Amazon and is very rich in antioxidants. This makes it a perfect, healthy food choice. At the MJ Café, come see how we infuse this favorite healthy food into a variety of different bowls to choose from. Our Açai bowls are made out of the freshest ingredients, and are always prepared to your liking!

• Sambazon Açai Berries—This is our choice for Açai berries at the MJ Café. They are organic and sustainable, and taste delicious. We want to bring you the very best from the Amazon!

• Antioxidant Bowl—This is our customer favorite Açai bowl, which is aptly titled due to the wealth of antioxidants found in the Açai berries. Add the milk of your choice with some bananas, organic granola, and blueberries—and there you have it!

• A Variety of Choices—At the MJ Café, we also have our Power Bowl, Warrior Bowl, as well as others to choose from. See which one you like the best!

• Extra toppings—Would you like to add even more to your Açai bowl? Then check out our extra toppings. Add whatever you'd like from our additional toppings for $1.00 each.

• More Repeat Offenders—Yes, if you enjoy eating Açai Bowl bowls as regularly as we do, then be sure to grab a punch card at the register. When you buy 10 Açai Bowls, you'll get the next one free!

Don't just take our word for it! If you are in or near the Kaneohe, HI area, then stop by to experience our Açai Bowls!

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