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Coffee | MJ Cafe - Kaneohe, HI

As your number one choice in gourmet coffee, the MJ Café is a proud provider of some of Hawaii's best roasted coffee. We've created a cozy, comfy coffee...

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Healthy Salads

Healthy Salads | MJ Cafe - Kaneohe, HI

We have a wide variety of healthy salads to choose from at the MJ Café. This is great for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet too! Consider your...

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Açai Bowl

Açai Bowl | MJ Cafe - Kaneohe, HI,HI

If you don't know, Açai is a purple berry found in the Amazon and is very rich in antioxidants. This makes it a perfect, healthy food choice. At the MJ...

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Welcome To MJ Cafe

Where in the Kaneohe Bay area do you go for healthy food options? What are your choices, especially when you're looking for healthy salads, tasty sandwiches and an Açai bowl? We want you to come visit the MJ Café when you are craving something fresh and organic. We have food that will truly nourish you!

We are located in Kaneohe, HI, and serve those who are traveling throughout the island of O'ahu. Locals eat here too, mainly because our food is local! Freshly grown and prepared for you at our place in the Windward Mall on Haiku Rd.

So let's talk coffee—gourmet coffee at that! It is our goal at our cafe to create that cozy, comfy coffee house feel. You know, the kind that has a friendly atmosphere where you enjoy coming in to sip your favorite drink while you chat with a friend or surf the web.

Another goal was to provide you with the freshest food options available in this part of O'ahu! Healthy acai bowls, fresh salads, and a variety of other light bites. You even have your choice of fresh-squeezed fruit drinks and vegetable juices.

At the MJ Café we love giving good deals for high quality food! And we love when our customers come back regularly! This is why when you buy 10 Açai Bowls you get 1 free, and when you buy 10 coffees you get 1 free coffee. Just one of our little ways of rewarding you for repeated patronage. Be sure to ask for a punch card at the register!

So if healthy salads, fresh acai bowls, or panini sandwiches happen to tempt your palate, come see us! Or if you prefer a vegetable restaurant with fresh fruits and vegetables juices, we can be that for you too! Find out how the MJ Café can help you!

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